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Welcome to the Ultrafast Physics Research Group!

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Publication in Acta Crystallographica Section A

Nonlinear optical organic–inorganic crystals: synthesis, structural analysis and verification of harmonic generation in tri‐(o‐chloroanilinium nitrate)
Hamza Athmani, Christian Kijatkin, Rim Benali-Cherif, Sébastien Pillet, Dominik Schaniel, Mirco Imlau, Nourredine Benali-Cherif, and El-Eulmi Bendeif

11 December 2018

Congratulations to our bachelor graduates!

We congratulate David Brinkmann, Simon Podendorf, Janina Ringel, and Jan Klenen (left to right) for completion of their bachelor studies!

08 October 2018

Publication in Optics Express

Dynamic-grating-assisted energy transfer between ultrashort laser pulses in lithium niobate
Stefan Nolte, Bjoern Bourdon, Felix Freytag, Mirco Imlau, Alexandr Shumelyuk, and Serguey Odoulov

20 August 2018

Publication in Optical Material Express

Holographic performance of silicon polymer films based on photoswitchable molecules
Bjoern Bourdon, Sergej Bock, Christian Kijatkin, Alexandr Shumelyuk, and Mirco Imlau

26 June 2018


Small, strong-coupling polarons

Luminescence in Er- & Yb-doped Lithium Niobate Nanocrystals

From bulk to nanocrystals

Harmonic Nanocrystals at CellNanOs


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